Friday, November 12, 2010

November Blues

I just love Fall, it is my absolute favorite season. But when mid-November rolls around and the trees are bare and you wake up in the morning to a frosty lawn and gray skies, I just feel like packing my suitcase and going on a trip... Anywhere!

Since a trip just isn't in the cards right now, there's nothing like an online shopping spree to cure the old November Blues. The nice folks at CSN Stores suggested I do a review of one of their products. Stay tuned, this should be interesting! And hopefully I'll get into the cooking and baking mood again soon, and be back, better than ever, with new recipes to share with you all.
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Kristen said...

I know - I totally feel the same way. I am not a fan of the dreary winter season at all!
Hope we make it through it with smiles on our faces :)

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elpi said...

the shot totally describe on what I felt right now. Sad-bad-mad moods!!lol I set it as my desktop background :)

Kelly said...

Actually, that sounds like a fabulous morning to me! we're weather starved on most days.

Erika said...

What better way to 'travel' than with food?! Especially with this upcoming winter season :)


Everyday Re-Creations said...

We had our first day of winter weather here in Alabama this morning! So, I know the feeling!