Thursday, September 30, 2010

Foodies of the World

I think I must have started-deleted-started this post again at least 10 times. I'm so excited, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning and I just don't know where to start! I feel like using exclamation marks everywhere! in! this! post!!! Breathe in... Breathe out... OK, let me start over, yet again.

In March, I was contacted by the Slattery Media Group, to take part in a project involving food bloggers from all over the world. This seemed like such a wonderful and lucky opportunity, it didn't take me long to reply with a resounding YES!

At first I just couldn't believe that my blog was actually selected as part of this project, I mean how many food blogs are there out there? What makes my blog special, worthy of being part of such a project? Was this some sort of a joke? I had so many questions! When the initial disbelief wore off, I started working on the texts, recipes and photos needed for the book. And then once everything was sent in, laid-out and accepted, I waited. It seemed like such a long time to wait and I told so few people about the project, it just seemed unreal. But now, I just can't believe the book is out already! It's real, and isn't it just gorgeous?

The overview from the Slattery Media Group's website reads like this:

"Foodies of the World is a collection of profiles and recipes from the best blogs around the world.

The publication covers an international spread of cuisines, courses and recipe styles, as well as profiles of the bloggers themselves, who come from all corners of the globe.

Containing stunning photography, styling and images, this is a high-quality cookbook with real food from real people."

Real food, from real people. Yes, that's it exactly, isn't it? That's what's blogging is all about, to me anyways. It's about sharing your best recipes with the widest audience possible. Sharing our successes and sometimes our failures and realizing that we are not alone out there. We all need inspiration and that's what a food blog is to me. Inspiration to try something new for dinner tonight or inspiration to make something from scratch that I would perhaps not have attempted before but if someone like me, another blogger, a mother, a home cook could do it, well, maybe I can too.

If you love food blogs and would like to discover new ones or support the ones you know already, you can purchase Foodies of the World by following this link. Get it as a present for yourself or for the foodie in your life. I'm sure you won't regret it! And now, I'm off to make myself a cup of tea, I'm way too excited for my own good!

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The Food Hound said...

That is so exciting, congratulations! You are living my dream, haha! What an honor-- and the book looks great! I have a few people in mind who would love it, though so few people around me are foodies (hence, starting my blog as a creative outlet :). Enjoy your success, you've earned it! I'm new to your blog, can't wait to follow!

Olasz77 said...

Congratulations :) The book looks great, hope somebody in my country will follow the suit ;)

City Share said...

Congratulations! Foodies around the Worlds - is such an impressive title. I hope it is only onward and upward from here.

Erinn said...

How exciting! Congratulations, I've enjoyed reading your blog for a long time.

Lisa said...

Like you I was stunned and amazed that anyone would want to put my blog in a book, it's such a nice feeling isn't it :)
I enjoyed your feature in the book and look forward to being a regular reader of your blog - it's so nice to discover new blogs through the book :)

suzanne cabrera said...

How cool!!!!!! Big congrats.

And one need look no further than your previous post to understand why you were chosen. Yum, yum, yum.

ChichaJo said...

Congratulations!!! :)