Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter with See's Candies!

If your life has been as hectic as mine has lately, chances are you're enjoying a very well deserved long weekend with friends and family. I've been looking forward to this weekend for quite a while now, and it got even more interesting when I was contacted by See's Candies a few weeks ago and asked to sample their product. I had never heard about this company but after one look at their website I knew I had to say yes!

On the rainiest, coldest, most gray and dreary day last week, like a little ray of sunshine came a one pound (one pound!) custom mix box of See's Famous Old Time Candies. It took all the will power that I had to stop myself from tasting the candies right away, but I have to set an example for the kids, right? So, after dinner, we tasted what turned out to be some of the best chocolates we've ever had. Toffees, chocolate and coffee butter creams, nuts, caramels and marshmallows... You name it, it was in there. Seriously fantastic candy.

Now, I know there's no time for you to order anything for Easter, but, really, any occasion deserves a great box of chocolates. You could even order See's Candies for your next candy fundraiser. So go on and have a look at See's website and then enjoy a fabulous Easter day!
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